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CCG Corporate Brand Identity & Creative Design Services


CCG offers Corporate Brand Identity & Creative Design Services including Logos, Newsletters, Banners, Reports, Infographics, Magazines, White Papers, Brochures, Marketing Brochures, Corporate Presentations

We are dedicated to provide you with the highest quality for the whole spectrum of brand corporate identity creative design. We combine our long expertise in strategies and communications with creativity and technology to provide to you with innovative creative brands & design solutions tailor made every time to your needs and to the scope of the work.

We generate branding & design that reshapes your strategy and communication.

Our brand & creative design services include:

1. Corporate Branding (corporate Identity, logos – online & print)

2. Corporate Creative Design (Online & Print Version)

3. Corporate Creative Design for White Papers & Reports, including infographics (Online & Print Version)

4. Corporate Creative Design for Marketing brochures, Magazines, Newsletters (Online & Print)

5. Corporate Creative Design for online banners for Web & social media use & online campaigns.

6. Corporate Creative Design for Business Presentations

Our services (online & print) are always tailor made to your needs. We work with professional creative design programs and we are able to offer you Multi – Color Design Style, Minimal Design Style, Creative Design Style.