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General – The scope of CCG Ventures

CCG Ventures is a brand of CAPITALS Circle Group (CCG) GmbH. CCG GmbH with its new brand CCG Ventures will act as the Corporate Tech Angel Unit of the firm with the intention and plan in contribute in the growth of innovative, scalable and dynamic tech driven companies by investing directly in tech startups and innovative firms (Seed & Series A Stages) or indirectly via funds vehicles (e.g. Venture Capital Funds or Private Equity Funds). CCG GmbH / CCG Ventures invests its own capital. 

CCG GmbH / CCG Ventures as a serious Corporate Tech Angel Investor has a very specific and structured investment strategy, process and methodology. It  does a series of targeted tech investments per year, investing smart money only in tech, innovative firms in growth modus,  in segments and sectors, that CCG GmbH has industry know – how, expertise and network, giving great added value to the investee firms, being able in case wished by the investee firms to help them actively in the growth and international expansion process. CCG GmbH invests its own capital and that has already an added value for the investee firm. 

The evaluation methodology 

CCG GmbH / CCG Ventures as a serious Corporate Tech Angel Investor has a  very targeted and structured investment strategy,  process and methodology. It applies an investment evaluation methodology according to which it invest, based on following important main KPIs: 

  1. Fundamental Financial Analysis, 
  2. b. Quantitative KPIs, 
  3. c. Qualitative KPIs
  4.  d. ESG Metrics including exclusion strategy ESG criteria (Negative Screening and Best in Class Strategy (Positive Screening)

CCG GmbH takes into account around 12 KPIs from all these 4 areas using its own internal companies’ evaluation model.     

Some main requirements to invest 

The companies in which CCG GmbH invest at must be at least at seed stage, have at least 1 year of operations, have in place an experienced team and some processes in place, an innovative or at least with differentiation dimensions. tech driven scalable business model, have already a functional website – platform and technology solution, in plan an App in case relevant, a fully functional solution and product, have already some sales track record, paid clients, and revenue – sales, ideally having or achieving soon break even or profit or even if not, preparing to scale and expand, improve the technology, expand the team, start using marketing budget.  

Sectors – segments and models of focus  

CCG GmbH invests cross – sectoral but but it gives priority in innovative, technology under conditions to models that combine hardware and software solutions, preferring B2B models but considers interesting selected B2C Models too. 

It gives priority to following sectors and industries: Fintech (all segments of Fintechs), SaaS driven models,  ESG/Sustainability tech driven models, Smart Mobility, Smart Energy, e-Commerce Tech, Card Industry Tech Models,  Industry 4.0 models, AI driven Models, ioT driven models, FoodTech, RetailTech          

Send us your Investor Deck 

In case you are either a tech startup or an innovative firm or a fund (VC) that fulfills the above requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us and send us your detailed Investor Deck, corporate presentation, business plan and any other documents you consider relevant to following email: After evaluation of your documents, we will contact you and provide you feedback. Thank you in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you. 


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