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CCG is a leading international, innovative Advisory & Market Intelligence Services Provider for the Digital Economy & Tech Industry. Therefore, it offers its services online too. Book us online and send your request via our communication portal or chat with us via our smart chatbot. We will be happy to advise you online or offline.

Moreover, CCG developed recently an innovative online-based financial scoring & rating model based on quantitative analysis, KPIs and Metrics with a focus on private (non-listed) companies (especially SMEs and Startups), a scoring tool necessary for every Investor, mainly Private Equity Funds, Venture Capital Funds, Business Angels as well as for Corporates and Service Providers.

CCG Growth Capital Scoring Model disrupts the market of investment process and evaluation of private companies. It is an innovative online-based and objective quantitative analysis scoring model and rating tool, which from one side digitizes the investment evaluation process of a company by an investor saving costs, resources, time and on the other side it is an objective quantitative scoring model and rating tool, that contributes substantially to a more objective quantitative investment decision process and is targeted at investment decisions with better success rates and better growth prospects.

Metrics Driven Tools and Scoring Model for high performance and returns


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