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CAPITALS Circle Group, based in Berlin, but active in Germany and internationally (Athens, London, Brussels) at the active and important policy decision-making centers. Advises its clients on market and metrics driven public/government, regulatory affairs and policy monitoring with engagement, influence, impact strategies with all relevant stakeholders using all modern digital strategies, processes, tools, metrics.
CCG advises on above fields cross – sectoral, but with great focus on digital economy tech industry, financial and investment sector, energy, mobility, new industry, public sector offering bespoke advisory and intelligence services with metrics and tools too.

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CCG delivers market & metrics driven Public & Regulatory Affairs

Communication & Stakeholders Engagement, Public Affairs with non-Business Stakeholders is getting more complex and needs new innovative strategies whereas trust in relations is still of high importance. If you care about your corporate identity, reputation, sales, growth, then you can trust this work to CAPITALS Circle Group.

CCG offers high added value, market driven and metrics driven Public Affairs, EU Affairs and Regulatory Affairs Advisory Services especially for the Tech Industry, Tech Firms, Financial Industry as well as around topics of Digital Economy and Investments.

Monitoring, Engagement, Influence, Impact: Your services & benefits at a glance

Indicative success stories and case studies.:

– CCG has advised and advises successfully long-term a very well-known public-private e-Government multinational Tech Firm for a large scale complex international e-Government project with its expertise in Government Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Public Affairs & Corporate Communication Strategy.
– CCG has advised tech firms on public affairs and regulatory affairs
– CCG has advised GovTechs & Smart City startups on public affiairs and regulatory affairs
– CCG has cooperated with state bodies, trade offices of embassies, cities, regions, associations, chambers, institutions


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