Corporate Communication & Public Affairs

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CCG offers in the field of the above service strategic corporate communication, public affairs, reputation and issue management, stakeholders engagement. CCG has projects, references and track record in corporate communication and public affairs providing them in a market and metrics driven approach, applying always all relevant stakeholders engagement strategies and all modern, digital strategies, processes, tools and metrics. CCG offers the above service cross – sectoral but it has a greater focus on tech, finance, energy, mobility, new industry and public sector firms. CCG has cooperated with various brands cross-sectoral and especially from tech, fintech, financial sectors, public sector institutions and corporate world and delivered international projects in GER, GR, UK, BEL.

CCG delivers market & metrics driven Corporate Communication & Public Affairs with impact

Indicative success stories and case studies.:

– CCG has advised and advises successfully long-term a very well-known public-private e-Government multinational Tech Firm for a large scale complex international e-Government project providing to the client its expertise in Government Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Public Affairs & Corporate Communication Strategy.

– CCG has advised and advises various tech firms on Corporate Communication Strategy & Public Affairs.

– CCG has advised GovTechs & Smart City scaleups and startups on Corporate Communication & Public Affairs.

– CCG has advised state bodies, trade offices of embassies, cities, regions, associations, chambers, institutions.

– CCG has advised a public sector institution on public policy issues. – CCG has organised several workshops and trainings about Corporate Communication, Public Affairs, Public Policy.


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