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CCG offers high added value, market driven and metrics driven Growth Strategy and Market Intelligence Services especially for the digital economy, tech industry, financial sector, investments sector, fintech, digital banking, energy, new industry, mobility, smart cities, public sector etc..
CAPITALS Circle Group -CCG- (Berlin-Athens-Brussels-London) is an international Metrics Driven PR/Investor Relations, Growth Strategy, Governance. Risk & Compliance Advisory committed to high added value data, metrics, intelligence & advisory services to companies, investors & startups from digital economy, tech industry, financial segment as well as public sector (including market intelligence, financial scoring for investors, corporates & service providers, forums & trainings).
It has high level expertise, experience and projects references in Tech Industry/Digital Economy (FinTech, Digital Banking, Tech Investments, GovTech, Smart Cities Solutions Smart Mobility, Sharing Economy, Smart Energy, Industry 4.0, etc.). It has cooperated so far with established brands and institution and has delivered projects of high excellence.

CCG delivers metrics driven growth strategy and market intelligence

Indicative success stories and case studies.:

– CCG has advised and advises successfully a very well-known growth tech e-payment and digital banking FinTech to setup and grow in the German market.
– CCG has advised and advises successfully a Tech Software Integrator with software solutions for the banking sector with market analysis of the German banking and FinTech market and support at activities in the German market.
– CCG advised tech firms and startups on growth strategy and international expansion.
– CCG has advised and advises a public sector body institutions with benchmark analysis at European level regarding the topic of strategies of investments attraction and promotion as well as later on hands on advisory support at the operational level of actions.
– CCG has conducted various market intelligence, market studies and reports, as well as market driven papers about various topics especially around digital economy, tech industry, innovation, fintechs, digital banking, tech investments and investments in general, GDPR as well as on topics of public policy especially on digital economy and investments.


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